Migraine Relief: Best Natural Herbs to Treat Migraines

Migraine Relief: Best Herbs to Treat Migraines ! There are number of ways to cope with migraines. In this article you will learn about the natural herbal remedies which can really help to cope with headaches and migraines. Read on to learn about the sever

People normally have headaches when they are too much stressed, when they don’t get proper sleep or due to fever or flu. For a normal head ache, you pop a medicine and it goes in few hours.  But migraine attacks are worse. You’ll get headache, nausea and even vomiting. Some people even suffer from blurred vision during a migraine.

There are number of ways to cope with migraines. In this article you will learn about the natural herbal remedies. Read on to learn about the several natural herbs for treating migraines.

Butterbur herb

Petasites hybridus, commonly known as Butterbur is an herb which has been shown to treat migraines. Migraine attack patients are given an extract of this particular herb and it has proven to have a therapeutic effect. This herb reduces the muscle spasms, including the blood vessels.

Feverfew herb

Tanacetum parthenium, also known as feverfew herb has been used for a long time to treat headache and migraine. Studies show that patients who used the extract of feverfew herb showed decrease in the frequency of migraine attacks.

Bay laurel herb

In order to prevent and even cure migraine, many people use this bay laurel leaf along with feverfew herb.

Rosemary and lavender oil

Rosemary oil should be applied to the temple for preventing headaches. And when combined with lavender oil, it can be applied to the back of the neck as the shoulder for relaxation of the muscles.

Oregano leaf

Normally extract from oregano leaf has shown to be very effective for relief from headache.


Having ginger with tea or even ginger powder with water can be effective for prevention of migraine and headache.


This is a powder which is prepared from chillies (red chillies). This can be mixed with food or other drinks, and it will help in better blood circulation.

Gingko leaf

This leaf has been used by the Chinese kung fu masters for a very long time as it increases blood circulation throughout the body and helps in curing migraine as well.

These natural herbs are very useful when it comes to treating migraine but what you eat is also very important. When you do not eat a proper diet, it leads to various health problems. So start having a balanced diet from today. Reduce your intake of processed foods, alcohol, dairy product, meat and salt. Instead opt for more green leafy vegetables and start drinking more water.

Now you know about the natural herbs to treat migraines. So next time you suffer from a migraine attack do remember to use any of these miracle natural herbs to deal with migraine.  


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